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Financial experts agree that it's wise to invest for your retirement as well as budget for other areas of your life, but without a guide and goal it's difficult to budget successfully. The solution is this Annual Financial Planner.

We've made it easy for you to calculate how much of your income should go towards your expenses and other important areas of your life including: savings, riskier and safer investments, self-care, spiritual growth, and business growth.

You'll find a formula to help you calculate how much of your income will go towards your monthly expenses and how to delegate the rest towards your other financial goals.

Each month has a Bible Verse that will inspire you as well as a fill in calendar, 3 Things You're Grateful for, and Goals for the Month. At the end is an annual review to track your growth and areas of improvement.

If you're a life insurance agent or in the financial industry, this book will come in handy for your team and clients as they build their portfolios. We've created a formula to calculate how many insurance policies/points need to be written monthly based on your contract level and placement.

This is the only Financial Planner you'll need!

Financial Planner

SKU: 364215376135191
Color: Purple
  • Financial planner for budgeting and financial goal setting.

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